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Blended Malt 2001
Blended Malt 2001
Bottled for Spec's Wine, Spirits & Finer foods. A 19-year-old Blended Malt aged in a Sherry butt. Just like most Blended Malts exclusively from the Speyside region, this whisky packs a lot of oranges, chocolate, tobacco leaves, and raisins. Bottled at 45.90%, which is, just like any other Archives, Cask Strength.
Blended Malt 2001



Born and raised in Atlanta, Brent currently calls Amsterdam home. After working many years as an international media and retail consultant, in 2016 he turned his attention to the world of single malt whiskies. He spent two years driving through the United States on a quest to locate the best whisky stores and the stories behind them.

After visiting 4000+ locations Brent determined the key distinguishing factors that separate every-day stores from outstanding whisky retailers: the desire of shop owners and staff to develop a truly exceptional whisky offering; a customer base who appreciates and demands distinctive and hard-to-source whiskies; and the knowledge and commitment to delivering whisky experiences that stand apart from others.

Now the exclusive importer of Archives to the US market, Brent is busy collaborating with the best whisky stores, bars and restaurants nationwide to deliver a new experience to their customers through the introduction of Archives and Whiskybase.

It is a continuing journey of learning and discovery in his eyes.