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Craigellachie 2006 Archives
Ardmore 2009
Matured in an ex-laphroaig bourbon barrel which adds a nice additional peat / smoke layer to the whisky. Citric, light smoky elements and ash sprinkled over a spoon of honey.
Glengoyne 2005
A rare sight: Glengoyne in a bourbon hogshead and bottles at cask strength. This 13 year old gives you notes of dried fruit, squeezed oranges and a touch of spices. A thick and oily mouthfeel make this whisky something to remember.
Craigellachie 2006
A first time for Archives to select Craigellachie and we were convinced when we found butter, biscuits and milk chocolate flavours in this whisky. Developing into warm apple sponge cake, apple marmelade with a ginger topping to complete it. Evolving into fresh appleskin, unripe pears and some light honey sweetness makes this a great summer dram.
Ardmore 1999
A lucky find this cask, while visiting one of our partners we bumped into this Ardmore. Nice fruit, mineral and peaty aspects and well balanced altogether. It was not difficult to select this cask for the Archives label. It just ticks all the boxes.
Speyside region 1990
We can't tell you the name of the distillery but it is located in the town of Rothes. What we can tell you is that this a very refined whisky. 28 years old with clear oranges, citric elements and dried fruits. Apricots, peaches and subtle wood notes. You can tell this matured slowly and aged well. So refined, so delicate but so good!
Speyside distillery 1995
From the Speyside distillery, fully matured in a bourbon hogshead. A perfect example of a single malt whisky that tastes like malt. The barley flavours have a distinctive say and play a very important role in the flavour profile. Fruity elements and pecan flavours complete the sensation.
Bruichladdich 2002
Every now and then we bump into casks that just have that something extra. The combination of unpeated islay whisky matured in an sherry cask just seem to work perfectly in this Bruichladdich release. Not for the faint hartet though.
Ben Nevis 1996
It will not be a huge secret that we really like Ben Nevis. The 1996 vintage seems to be an excellent year for this distillery and we found another stunning cask. This time you will find cooked apples, peaches and melon in the nose and taste. Completed with burnt sugar and liquorice in the finish.
Ardmore 2009 Archives
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Craigellachie 2006 Archives