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These bottles are available in the following markets: Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Canada and world wide delivery through the Whiskybase webshop.
Speyside Region 1998
From a popular distillery near the town of Rothes, this secret Speyside is bottled for the experienced whisky drinker who is willing to try something new. A very a-typical flavor for this distillery, packed with dusty oak, caramel, and dark berries. But also some rhubarb, leather and sour strawberries.
Speyside Region 1990
Now and then, you stumble onto a sample, and you immediately know, "This is brilliant." This is one of these whiskies where everything comes together. Age, freshness, fruitiness, and balance. Both the nose and the taste let you know that this whisky has taken its time to come to age.
Irish 1990
Irish whiskey from the early '90s proved to have a sort of magical touch with some of the finer releases in the past. Today we launch our latest release by Archives: Irish 1990 - 2021, everything you would like to have from a rum aged Irish Whiskey.