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2018 releases

ARen Trading (Taiwan) has been importing our bottles for many years now. Since 2017 we started to release specific bottles for the Taiwanese market. These bottles can be found in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and sometimes Japan.

Bruichladdich Archives Taiwan
Blair Athol 2000
Not often seen and after tasting this Blair Athol we knew right away: this is a perfect Archives release. Fruity, sweet, yeast and a bit of hay. Easy to drink even at cask strength.
Bruichladdich 2002
Matured in a first fill sherry hogshead and that shows, the color might indicate a very high sherry profile. This is not completely the case, it is very well balanced. Sherry influence yes, overpowered; absolutely not. But who are we to tell you what this is? Try it, if you dare!
Ben Nevis 1996
Released in 2018, 244 bottles from and ex hogshead. This is a fruity and excellent Ben Nevis. Michael Hsieh selected this from our stock of Ben Nevis casks as a next release for Taiwan. We loved this ourselves.
From one of the most iconic distilleries and from the Grant family. Currently expanding their production facility and it is impossible to find this brand under its own name bottles by independents. We describe this as if you would be eating a spoon of honey. Thick, sweet and delicious. The floral Speyside notes coated in pure honey.
Blair Athol 2000 Archives Taiwan
Ben Nevis 1996 Archives Taiwan
Bruichladdich 2002 Archives Taiwan
Speyside Region 1997 Archives Taiwan