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ARen Trading (Taiwan) has been importing our bottles for many years now. Since 2017 we started to release specific bottles for the Taiwanese market. These bottles can be found in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and sometimes Japan.

Speyside 1992
Speyside 1992
When first tasting the sample we where convinced of the high quality of this whisky. Highly concentrated fruit juice and a very thick creamy mouthfeel. This is some very high quality undisclosed Speyside region whisky.
Caol Ila 2007
Caol Ila 2007 with clean razor sharp spirit. Caol Ila like you know it, the right level of Islay influence and always as a high quality. We selected this cask because of the low cask influence. It just shows exactly what Caol needs to be.
Glen Elgin 1995
Sometimes you find casks that you wish you could purchase more and this Glen Elgin is one of them. Your typical Glen Elgin and bottled after 23 years of aging with the right amount of cask influence.
Speyside 1992


ARen Trading

Mr Michael Hsieh is the President of ARen Trading Co. He set up the company in 2013 and has since, been a trading partner of Archives. The company started partly because of Michael?s passion for whisky, but it is his talents for the business that got the company to where it is today.